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This journal is where I share all the different ways to embody our natural blueprint of health. I offer insight to personal liberation, share my musing and growth process + give helpful tools to reconnect you with your own body wisdom.  Sign up and follow along if you’re feeling curious. 

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My Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

I wasn’t always a morning person but when you become a mom it kinda requires early morning hours. If I didn’t et up early, then nine times out of ten I would see a

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Vegan Minestrone Kale Soup

Vegan Minestrone Kale Soup

This vegan minestrone kale soup is so comforting, perfect for starting off this fall season. I love how this soup is unbelievably filling and it’s nice how it makes a big pot-full so you

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Cranberry & Herb Vegan Cheese Ball -2

Cranberry & Herb Vegan Cheese Ball

If you are looking for the PERFECT plant-based appetizer for either an upcoming holiday gathering, game night, potluck or any other event, then this cranberry & herb vegan cheese is it! After nearly a decades of being

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Vegan Garlic & Chive Cheese Spread | www.livesimplynatural.com

Vegan Garlic & Chive Cheese Spread

If you’re still weirded out by vegan cheese – you must try this indefinitely! I promise you will be pleasantly surprised that a dairy-free cheese can be so amazing. And it’s just a mixture of

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I’m Vanessa

vegan Chef, Coach, Mama of two

A believer that the body is not an ornament but a vessel for our deepest healing. When we learn to listen we create more opportunities for our own wisdom to resurface and be heard. Here we strive to create resources to support this way simple way of living.


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Vanessa Cassani

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Vanessa is an award winning chef, life coach, intuitive eating counselor and guide. She helps women embody their wholeness, heal their relationship with food and redefine health + wellness, to create a life lived on their one terms. Centered on self accountability and body wisdom, Vanessa coaches leaders, healers, and creatives to let go of old stories and live in their authentic blueprint of health.  

Located In Houston Tx

About Vanessa | Health Coach | Live Simply Natural

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Body Resilience Masterclass

practices to build body resilience Everyday!

A big reason why we struggle with our relationship to food is because we struggle with our relationship with our bodies. In this masterclass we go over the key elements to honor and care for yourself in a challenging moments and how we can build resiliency so that we may embody our most authentic blueprint of health.