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Build RESILIENCE through embodiment practices 

Reclaim Your Bodies Resilience


Together, we’ll journey for 60-90-minutes to connect, explore, and embody the resiliency of being in relationship with our bodies. It’ll be a powerful opening into a whole new way of relating to your body, your hunger, and your aliveness.

here's what you'll learn

The body is sacred, wise, and powerful. It's the key to being in your natural blueprint of health.

We have been caught in the binary of “thin or fat”, “good or bad” for far too long. As young girls we learn that our body are not for us, instead, it’s a tool to hustle for worth, whether it be through certain beauty ideals, or how we show up for others. Through these years of socialization, we became distrustful of our bodies, ignoring its messages and instead rely on the mind to lead us.

In this masterclass we are going to explore what body resilience means, looks like, how we can use it as a tool for reconnecting to your natural blueprint of health. 

We will talk about why we leave the body and how to return so we can cultivate a deeper connection with it so we may strengthen our intuition.

As we explore these topics it’s important to understand that our beliefs about our body are simply a mirror to our relationship with ourselves and with life. 

As we begin to connect we begin to hear our intuitions calling again. We hear things like, “eat this, not that, stretch, rest, take that class, avoid that person, do that thing,” you begin to feel connected to something bigger than you, you begin to come back to your natural blueprint of health. 

Here is what might happen if you join me…

You begin to show up from a place of devotion vs discipline. This body is your gift and you get to choose the level of intimacy you can cultivate with it. But when we expand our capacity to listen to the needs of our body, we expand our capacity to heal. The answers we crave lie within.

Through this process, I have learned… 


There is nothing wrong with you and everything wrong with the systems you are operating under.


When we learn to listen to our bodies + honor what it needs, we have the to power to change the way we feel, think, and act.


it’s in this authentic way of living that we find who we truly are.

Let's stop obsessing over the culture standard and start devoting ourselves back to the embodiment of our true nature.

Frequently Asked Questions


We will journey together for 60-90 minutes.

Will this be recorded?

Yes, each month we will do a live masterclass and have the recording available for those that couldn’t make it.

WILL there be time for questions?

Yes, we will make time for questions and shares!


i’m vanessa. Vegan chef turned food freedom + embodiment coach.

I didn’t always have a good relationship with food, my body, or myself. In fact, not long ago I found myself with everything I thought made up a happy life but internally I was lost, unfulfilled and dying to live by my own terms.

I spent years looking for answers. I followed all the health + wellness gurus and experimented with all kinds of modalities and ways of healing.  I took long detours down wrong paths but little by little I found a home withing myself. I could say I made mistakes but really they were all crucial steps to me mastering what works for me.

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