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We are allowed to start again; mid-morning, mid-life, or mid-bite.

For more than ten years I’ve been looking for answers, all the while taking the time to learn about the healing process. Years of diet culture and body shame have been unlearned. I have unraveled my own trauma and dysfunctional history through mindfulness practices and eating psychology to cultivate and life of body trust and freedom. 

With adequate community care and my own love of growth and learning, I healed. I healed my relationship with food and learned how to nourish myself in pleasurable ways. I grew my capacity to sit with hard emotions, embraced my imperfections, and rediscovered my intuitive nature. This is what I can teach to you. 

Vanessa Cassani | Houston Life Coach

Change is Possible!

When we learn to listen to our bodies + honor what it needs, we have the to power to change the way we feel, think, and act.

My coaching style is grounded in curiosity, depth of work, embodied awareness, and authentic freedom. 

I believe that being a coach and offering my grounded presence, while asking potent questions, will guide you to recognize the answers that have always been with you. 

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The lsn coaching philosophy

There is nothing wrong with you and everything wrong with the systems you are operating under.


About Vanessa | Health Coach | Live Simply Natural

Through brave conversations, 1 on 1 coaching, and my signature course. I create the space for you to live, lead, create, and serve in your highest good. 

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1 on 1 coaching partnership

Let's work one-on-one to create a coaching series that supports your specific goals and needs.

Together we create clear, strategic intentions and goals where you can experience deep embodied shifts around the places you’ve felt most stuck. In our sessions, we move through the internal resistance, shame, and old programming keeping you from the health, life, career, and relationships you want. 

You are worth the work

what can you expect?

Together, we'll uncover your authentic blueprint for health.

By doing a deep dive into what healthy really looks like, feels like, and means to you, outside of what you’ve been taught through diet culture and the wellness industry, you will uncover your authentic blueprint for health. While, also, creating systems to support you in your growth toward reclaiming your whole self. More importantly, we will uncover why you want that kind of health in your life + create an actionable path to bring that vision to You! 

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What people are saying


I was feeling creatively stuck, uninspired and severely burnt out. 

My coaching session with Vanessa was exactly what I needed. Her encouraging and supportive nature helped me to feel nourished and seen. She helped me to overcome deep layers of blocks and resistance which has felt truly miraculous.


Pia | Testimonial

When you decide we are a good fit for on-going work together...

Here is what you get

– Clarity Call + Questionnaire to guide you deeper toward what you need.

-60 minute sessions, meeting every other week where we will dive deep, remove blocks, create new stories + rituals to support great capacity.

-Signal support with a 48 hour reply time during the weekdays, giving you coaching support, and resources in between sessions. 

-Recorded call, with action steps, journaling prompts, and recommended materials after each session. 

Investment starts at $300 a month.

Coaching Opportunities


Vanessa | Health Coaching


3 Month Coaching

This 3-month coaching container allows me to get to know you on all levels including your past experiences with diets, roadblocks, body shame, unhealthy patterning, and limiting beliefs around your goals and relationship with food. It’s an extensive partnership that allows me to make specific recommendations tailored to your personal blueprint.

for the serious

6 month coaching

This 6-month coaching container allows us to dive deeper into your past experiences with diets, road blocks, body shame, unhealthy patterning, and limiting beliefs around your goals and relationship with food. It’s an extensive partnership that allows for more time and consistent care toward your personal blueprint.

Vanessa | Health Coaching | 6 month

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She opened my eyes to a whole new world of self compassion + community care.
I struggled to feel worthy and safe in my body. This shame kept me from living fully. Vanessa lovingly guided me to making the best decision for my healing and growth. I don't know if I could or would have gotten to this incredibly free and easy place with food and body without her. I would recommend her to anyone ready to do the deep work of self love + body acceptance. 
- annabel
she is great at holding space and keeping you lovingly accountable to your goals.
I was feeling uncomfortable in my body and became depressed about gaining weight during the pandemic. Vanessa helped me reconnect with what I truly desired for my health. It was so fun working with her and I recommend her to anyone looking for an effective and nourishing approach.
- Karuna
I am more fearless and patient when it comes to the unknown
I came to Vanessa looking for clarity so that I may better serve those around me. She was a beacon of support for me. Her sincere and compassionate attention provided me the space to find the answers I needed to not only chase my dreams but actually live them. Together we created a strong foundation to build from and I am more fearless and patient when it comes to the unknown.
- Pam

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someone from the team will be in contact with you within 3 business days.