I’m vanessa. vegan chef turned food freedom + embodiment coach.

I didn’t always have a good relationship with food, my body, or myself. In fact, not long ago I found myself with everything I thought made up a happy life but internally I was lost, unfulfilled and dying to live by my own terms.

I spent years looking for answers. I followed all the health + wellness gurus and experimented with all kinds of modalities and ways of healing.  I took long detours down wrong paths but little by little I found a home withing myself. I could say I made mistakes but really they were all crucial steps to me mastering what works for me.

About Vanessa | Health Coach | Live Simply Natural

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I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason and often times it for our own healing.

change is possible.

At 16 I Found myself jumping into the scariest hood known to man...parenthood!

Yep, I was 16 and pregnant. I can’t say I was fully ready but I believe things happen for a reason. If I can inspire you to say to yourself, “I can do this” when the rest of the world is projecting doubt then I’ll consider my work done. 


Because I’ve lived many lives. A life as a teen mom. A life addicted to pleasing others. A life as a perfectionist. A crunch homeschool mama of two. A raw vegan dieter. A trauma survivor. A seeker of healing. And now an entrepreneur and coach.

This is what I know. We are human before we are any label and I’m not interested in a “one size fits all” approach to life. Each of us have to find what works for us. Which is why I believe, you are the expert of your own body and life. And you are always allowed to start again, mid-morning, mid-life, or mid-bite. 

it’s in this authentic way of living that we find who we truly are.

The LSN Philosophy

a combination of nervous system health + personal liberation

Feeling good isn’t only about what you eat. Feeling good includes all aspects of life, from relationships and career to boundaries and self worth.  

We believe in using the body as the guide, because every answer that’s needed is already within you. Learning to listen creates more opportunities for your own inner wisdom to resurface and be heard. That is our focus here. We strive to create tools and resources to support this simple way of life. 


Here at LSN, we know what it feels like to really own our health and we do our best to integrate rituals into our daily lives that help us thrive. This process is not perfect and perfection isn’t ever our goal, finding your authentic blueprint of health is the goal. Here we believe that the body is not an ornament. It’s a vessel to our deepest healing. 

We understand that your needs around health and wellbeing are deeply personal to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. We are here to support you in your homecoming. 

Our food philosophy is all about teaching you how to cultivate a healthy relationship with food. There are no diets here, just practical and sustainable ways to nourish yourself while making food fun again. Our method isn’t about letting yourself off the hook. It’s about rebuilding self trust, so that you are naturally able to find the sweet spot between honoring your health and holding yourself lovingly accountable to what feels good to you. 

Vanessa | Feel Whole Embodiment Coach

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Vanessa is an award winning chef, life coach, intuitive eating counselor and guide. She helps women embody their wholeness, heal their relationship with food, and redefine health + wellness, to create a life lived on their one terms. Centered on self accountability and body wisdom, Vanessa coaches leaders, healers, and creatives to let go of old stories and live in their authentic blueprint of health.  

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