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A new way of meal prepping that doesn’t create rigidity 

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In this guided workbook you will explore the practice of meal prepping through a self-care eating framework. We’ll cover the principles of Intuitive Eating and how it fosters a healthy relationship with food and your body, while also creating actionable steps that will support you in your ever-evolving health journey. This guide is packed with templates and worksheets to use as you discover new ways of relating to your health and how you cook.

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Health is an orientation,
not a destination.

When meal planning is done in a way that allows for flexibility, considers pleasure, and allows for more gentle nutrition, then meal planning can be a powerful ally in your struggle with making peace with food. 

Meal prepping goes wrong when you start becoming too rigid with yourself and leave no room for flexibility. This is a big reason many become overwhelmed and decided meal prepping isn’t for them. When you’re trying to accommodate a dozen different diet rules, of course it’s going to feel overwhelming. 

This is not health. 

When meal planning with intuitive eating, nutrition is a small part of your decisions; it’s more about finding the feel-good ingredients. Knowing the foods that sustain you during the week gives you the energy you need to be productive in your current lifestyle. 

The whole point of Intuitive Eating is that it’s not a diet. 

It is a way to make food choices based on the ebb and flow of life. Some days we need more food than others, our cravings may change, and emotional stressors, and energy levels may be different which means our needs are different.

Truth be told, there is so much conflicting information out there and so many diets offering a quick fix. This is not that. Good nutrition is found when you take take the time to create real, sustainable ways of nourishing yourself. 

That is what the Intuitive Eating model offers. Through this practice of connecting to your intuition, you will begin to hear things like, “eat this, not that, stretch, rest, take that class, avoid that person, do that thing.” You begin to feel connected to something bigger than you. You begin to come back to true natural health.

What you will uncover in this guide…   


Your body knows what is needed to create sustainbale health.


Meal prepping is about fostering a healthy relationship with food.


When done right food has the power to create biological safety and support our internal healing process.

"Connecting to our intuitive nature allows us to eat a moderation of healthy foods while also having a healthy relationship with them."

When we live in a culture that imposes so much fear and guilt around food, having access to our intuition can make all the difference.


Plant-based Meal Prep Guide

This workbook will guide you in creating systems to make life easier while reducing food stress, giving you accessibility, variety, and true satisfaction with your meals. 

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let’s get to know each other

i’m vanessa. vegan chef turned food freedom + embodiment coach.

I didn’t always have a good relationship with food, my body, or myself. In fact, not long ago I found myself with everything I thought made up a happy life but internally I was lost, unfulfilled and dying to live by my own terms.

I spent years looking for answers. I followed all the health + wellness gurus and experimented with all kinds of modalities and ways of healing.  I took long detours down wrong paths but little by little I found a home withing myself. I could say I made mistakes but really they were all crucial steps to me mastering what works for me.

About Vanessa | Health Coach | Live Simply Natural


She opened my eyes to a whole new world of self compassion + community care.
I struggled to feel worthy and safe in my body. This shame kept me from living fully. Vanessa lovingly guided me to making the best decision for my healing and growth. I don't know if I could or would have gotten to this incredibly free and easy place with food and body without her. I would recommend her to anyone ready to do the deep work of self love + body acceptance. 
- annabel
she is great at holding space and keeping you lovingly accountable to your goals.
I was feeling uncomfortable in my body and became depressed about gaining weight during the pandemic. Vanessa helped me reconnect with what I truly desired for my health. It was so fun working with her and I recommend her to anyone looking for an effective and nourishing approach.
- Karuna
I am more fearless and patient when it comes to the unknown
I came to Vanessa looking for clarity so that I may better serve those around me. She was a beacon of support for me. Her sincere and compassionate attention provided me the space to find the answers I needed to not only chase my dreams but actually live them. Together we created a strong foundation to build from and I am more fearless and patient when it comes to the unknown.
- Pam

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