5 Tips to Connecting With Your Body

5 Tips to Connecting With Your Body

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You know our world is becoming crazier than ever! It’s getting easier to become disconnected from our bodies. Maybe you feel like the two of you are separate entities? Or more like enemies? Which one is it? I use to have moments when my body felt so foreign to me. Instead of working to reconnect with my body, I went to war with it, which is what I think many of us do. I’ve had to do a lot of work on reconnecting to my body and so this post is all about that. Here are my 5 tips to connecting with your body + FREE meditation download. It worked wonders for me and my clients. I hope it supports you!

5 Tips to Connect With Your Body + FREE Meditation Download!

Now I like to think of health as holistic, it’s not just about what we eat, but it is also about how we experience ourselves. It’s also about what is happening in our minds and with our emotions. 

Is being strict with ourselves, and trying to control and manipulate everything really healthy for our minds? Do we feel that sense of health, vitality, and aliveness when we are constantly controlling our food, our environment, and our bodies?

As I practice Intuitive Eating so much of this has changed.

My relationship with myself and my body has now become a solid foundation for which I do everything. My body is where I seek the most guidance.

If only I knew sooner just how much wisdom my body carries.

5 Ways to Reconnecting With Your Body

01. Find a movement practice. 

I enjoy many different kinds of movement exercises, but I’ve found that no other physical activity has connected me to my body like yoga and dance. Yoga forces me to slow down, be present, breathe and dance it asks me to notice the rhythm of my movement. It asks me to be more fluid and expressive which are great practices for reconnecting to your body.

My Morning Routine

02. Touch your body.

The next time you take a shower and/or need to put on body lotion, do it slowly. Give yourself your undivided loving presence. Pay attention to what you’re doing, the way your skin feels as you touch it, the type of pressure that you like, and the way your muscles move as you caress yourself. This is going to feel so different than your usual shower or lotion routine. But that’s ok. Taking time to give yourself physical touch is so helpful when connecting to your body. Often, you’ll feel sexier, more relaxed, etc. It’s a beautiful way to message love right into your body.

03. Notice your inner critic.

The way you talk to yourself and acknowledge your body matters. Get into your body’s mind. One way to talk to your body is by writing a letter and making it a love letter. Start shifting the dialogue to gratitude. Say things like…

  • “Thank you for what you do for me each day” 
  • “You have kept me alive for 31 years and I’m so grateful for that”
  • “You are doing your best and I’m grateful for that”

Hopefully, this can be the beginning of creating a deeper dialogue. I often check in with my body for everything. What it needs as it related to food, movement, rest, and boundaries. It’s seriously your greatest resource!

04. Remember that you are whole.

Remember that you aren’t your inner thighs or your squishy stomach. You are a whole and complete person and so you don’t need to shrink yourself to just body parts. Learn to cultivate a healthy body image and let go of any negative messages about what it means to live in a body like yours. 

Tips to connect with your body + meditation download | www.livesimplynatural.com

05. Take a breath. 

Stop whatever you’re doing and listen. Take a breath. Connect to the deeper part of yourself. Ask yourself: What am I feeling? What does your body need right now?

When you don’t listen to your body and what it requires that’s when you feel most disconnected. Attending to your body’s needs helps you reconnect to it. When you listen to your body, you acknowledge it, you give it a voice. Nourishing your body with food when it’s hungry, and taking a few deep breaths because you feel your body tensing up are all ways to feel closer to your body and reconnect with it.

When you fully land in your body you are cultivating a loving relationship with your body and when you connect to its wisdom you begin to hear things more clearly. This like, eat this, not that, stretch, rest, avoid that person, take that job, do that thing, you will begin to feel connected to something bigger than you and that is what I call true body wisdom.  

Have you been feeling tense or stressed? What helps you feel better? What helps you connect to your body?

I created a body + soul meditation to support you in deepening your practice to connect to the beautiful gift that is your body. 

FREE Meditation Download here!

Body + Soul Meditation

Let’s Chat!

What did you think of the meditation? Is it a great tool or what?! Comment below — or tag @livesimplynatural if you are doing this work with me. I’d love to get inspired by your journey too <3


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