The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar

The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar

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Wow, time is flying by and we are getting busy. My meal prep service maxed out in one day!!! I can’t believe I got such a great response from people willing to try a more whole foods plant-based way of eating. I was a bit nervous since southern cooking is anything but plant-based but I’m happy that Houston is ready for more of this. With everything getting so busy, it’s nice to have lunch ready. From Homeschooling the kids, writing out blogs, and now growing a food company, it makes life easier to have these salads in a jar stocked in my fridge. The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar is another favorite. So easy to make and great to have for lunch (or even dinner).

The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar

You can easily cut and prepare all the layers ahead of time, then assemble the salad in a jar. It goes super quickly. And since my husband and I work at home, it’s nice to have lunch waiting and ready to eat. It gives us extra time to enjoy our food and each other as a family.

The Ultimate Taco Salad

You can certainly put whatever ingredients you like in your Taco Salad. I like to used fresh salsa but if it’s easier for you, buy your favorite at the store.

The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar |

I also like to add, a plant-powered “taco meat” alternative, full of healthy fibers, proteins, and essential vitamins your body needs. I like to use walnuts when making my “taco meat” substitute because they are known as good brain food. They also contain loads of heart-healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids which are great for reducing inflammation in the body amongst other health benefits.

One cup of walnuts contains 8g of fiber and 18g of protein, giving it more added benefit.

I then like to layer it with black beans, corn, and lettuce and top it with tortilla strips for a little crunch. This recipe is super tasty and I’ll be adding it to my rotation of meals for my weekly meal prep.

The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar |

The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar |

The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar |

The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar |


The Ultimate Taco Salad In A Jar

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An easy, 30-minute mixed Mexican salad with plant powered taco meat, corn, salsa, black beans, and avocado! Healthy, delicious and so satisfying.

  • Author: Vanessa Cassani
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins
  • Yield: 5 1x
  • Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten-Free


  • 56 cups Mixed Greens or Romaine
  • 2 cups organic sweet corn
  • 3 cup cooked black beans or 2 cans black beans
  • 1/2 ripe avocado (optional)
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped or torn
  • 1 cup walnuts
  • 1 cup sun-dried tomatoes
  • 3 large carrots
  • 1 teaspoon cumin powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 tablespoon chili powder (or sub extra hot sauce or chipotle powder)
  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • 3 fresh tomatoes
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 cup chopped cilantro
  • 2 lemons
  • Salt & Pepper


  1. Begin by preparing vegan taco meat first. In your food processor, add walnuts, carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, and spices. Pulse for a few seconds to break into meat size bits.
  2. NOTE: Dont pulse for to long as the “taco meat” will become mushy.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare fresh salsa or pico de gallo by chopping tomatoes, onion, and cilantro. Add seasoning and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Prepare your salads in a jar, layering the ingredients, shown in the photo above. First being fresh pico, then “taco meat”, corn, beans, and lettuce.
  5. OPTIONAL: Add avocado and squeeze fresh lemon juice on top to keep from browning.
  6. Either plate salad or take to go.
  7. Leftovers keep for up to a 6 days, though best when fresh.


  • Serving Size: 1
  • Calories: 301
  • Fat: 5.8g
  • Saturated Fat: 0.8g
  • Carbohydrates: 54.3g
  • Fiber: 16.8g
  • Protein: 15.3g
  • Cholesterol: 0g

I hope you enjoy this recipe, make it, and be sure to tag me on Instagram @LiveSimplyNatural. If you’re in the Houston area, stay on the lookout as I’ll be adding this to the menu really soon.


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