We help leaders embody their natural blueprint of health.

Here we talk a lot about nourishing the body with real wholesome foods but feeling good isn’t only about what you eat. Feeling good includes all aspects of life. From everyday wellness, to personal power, liberation, self worth, and true wholeness. We help leaders embody their natural blueprint of health so they can give from the overflow and create the life they are made for. 

Vanessa Cassani | Life Coach

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The Intuitive Eating Meal Prep Guide

If your planning meals in a way that allows for flexibility, satisfaction, and gentle nutrition then meal planning can be a powerful ally in your struggle with making peace with food. I created this guide to support you to use the tools of intuitive eating while meal prepping to make your life simpler. 

About Vanessa | Health Coach | Live Simply Natural


i'm vanessa. Vegan chef turned food freedom + embodiment coach.

I didn’t always have a good relationship with food, my body, or myself. In fact, not long ago I found myself with everything I thought made up a happy life but internally I was lost, unfulfilled and dying to live by my own terms.

I spent years looking for answers. I followed all the health + wellness gurus and experimented with all kinds of modalities and ways of healing.  I took long detours down wrong paths but little by little I found a home within myself. I could say I made mistakes but really they were all crucial steps to me mastering what works for me.

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Body + Soul Meditation

Health is holistic, it’s not just about what we eat, but how we experience ourselves and the world. I created this meditation to support you in deepening your  embodiment practice, connecting to the divine gift that is your body. When we take time to fully land in our body and connect to its wisdom you begin to come back to your intuitive nature. 

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I was feeling creatively stuck, uninspired and severely burnt out. 

My coaching session with Vanessa was exactly what I needed. Her encouraging and supportive nature helped me to feel nourished and seen. She helped me to overcome deep layers of blocks and resistance which has felt truly miraculous. I’m so grateful for the experience. Vanessa helped me to uncover the direction my soul wanted to go. I’m leaving this experience feeling much more open to possibilities without expectations.

– PIA  

Pia | Testimonial
Vanessa Cassani | Coach + Chef

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What we do...

Here at Live Simply Natural, we know what it feels like to feel good in our bodies but we also know that feeling good isn’t only about what you eat. Feeling good includes all aspects of life and it isn’t a “one size fits all” approach.   We understand your needs around health and wellbeing are deeply personal to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. We are here to support you.

The Courses

A space to explore your healing

Vanessa Cassani

For the intuitive eaters

Eat Well

Together we will transform your relationship with food, let go of dieting and weight cycling for good, and learn to respect your whole body as the amazing gift that it is. We won’t just talk about “what” to eat but “why” we eat. We will examine “how” we can better connect with ourselves so we no longer disconnect through food. 

FOR THE self healers

Feel Whole

Together we will explore what holds you back from embodying your true nature.  Reconnecting with the wisdom of your own body, while reclaiming your wholeness and power. This isn’t about becoming a whole new woman, although it may feel that way. This is about reconnected back to the safe place you once knew as a child. It’s a journey back to the place you always belonged to.

Vanessa Cassani | Coach

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Body Resilience Masterclass

build resilience through embodiment practice

A big reason why we struggle with our relationship to food is because we struggle with our relationship with our bodies. In this masterclass we go over the key elements to honor and care for yourself in our most challenging moments and how we can build resiliency so that we may embody our most authentic blueprint of health.